About Us

2012 - StRuth Adventures Inside Verona Arena - Italy
2012 - StRuth Adventures Inside Verona Arena - Italy

StRuth Adventures Approach

We are a travel-loving couple!
We travel to see/ experience.......
* different cities
* sports
* somewhere new
* friends
* work

Whatever the reason, we just love to explore new places and share our experiences

StRuth Adventures Story

When pronouncing our name, think more Australian and less about the Saints of the British Empire! It’s the combination of our names, making one word.

Steve is from South East London and Ruth is from Yorkshire. We have been together for over 16 years but we never tire of laughing at the others silly accent!

From the day we met, we spoke about traveling and all the countries and places we wanted to explore. We spoke about leaving the UK and traveling for a long time. In 2012, after numerous shorter trips, we made this dream a reality and left the UK. Our first stop was Asia where we spent 2 months traveling through Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Next up was Vietnam, where we stayed for a year. We then spent 2 years in Indonesia. After this we swapped scenery every 6 months, swapping Winter Mountains for Summer Oceans for 2 years.

Why Did We Decide To Write A Blog?

Because many people have suggested that we should! Friends and family want to hear more about our stories. New friends we meet say we should share our stories and experiences for others to benefit from. People we meet travelling are often impressed with our knowledge of locations and say we should share this with more people. So, we decided we would!

Where Have We Been?

So far we have travelled to 35+ countries.
You can see these on the map we created here

What’s Our Favourite Country?

We get asked a lot about our favorite country. Or, what’s the best place to scuba dive? These are very hard questions as they are very subjective. The experience isn’t just about the location, it has so much more to do with the people we’re with, the rare or unusual things we experience or, in some cases, the weather when we visited!

Meet StRuth Adventures

Ruth StRuth Adventures

Ruth Gibson

Founder & CEO

My passions include scuba diving, running, hiking and stroking fluffies.

Steve StRuth Adventures

Stevan James

Founder & CEO

My passions include travel, scuba diving and adventure.