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StRuths Mountain Munchies: Flapjacks
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Dark Chocolate & Spice
Peppermint Aero Flapjack

A short story of Mountain Munchies: Flapjacks

StRuth Adventures have been volunteering in a busy rock climbing guest house (The Olive Branch, El Chorro) in Spain since 2015. We have been making our signature Mountain Munchies: Flapjacks for most of that time and they are very popular! We call them Mountain Munchies: Flapjacks because they were born in the mountains and are perfect for any activity you wish to do there.

The flapjacks have been so popular that people are often asking for the recipe. We, therefore, decided to make a book. Not wanting to make just a recipe book, this creation also contains nutritional information on the ingredients and how they can help improve your sports performance.

This collection has ideas for new and interesting flavours, including vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free recipes. Hopefully, we have created the perfect Mountain Munchies book for hill-walkers, rock climbers, mountain bikers, scuba divers, trail runners and anybody who loves adventuring outdoors!

Flapjacks are the perfect accompaniment to outdoor activities because they are light to carry, don't take up much space in your bag, provide essential energy and, most importantly, are yummy!

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