Companies we use

We have been travelling for a while now and have used many companies along the way. Some of them have been very beneficial to us, others not so much. On this page, we share with you the companies we have made money from and those which have saved us money by providing an awesome service. 

StRuth Adventures - Writers.Academy - Travelista Club

Writers. academy

I have written a travel blog for travelista and been paid for it. They are part of a bigger Australian organisation called, who have many different categories to write about. 
They offered me a fantastic discount on purchasing a host and website, and then offered me free training on how to set up and monetise my website. You can do the same thing by following this link.

StRuth Adventures - giffgaff


I use Giffgaff mobile network in the UK because the monthly rates are cheap, but the data allowance is high. They also offer free giffgaff to giffgaff calls and texts. Monthly prices start at £5 and they offer the ability to change your package each month. With the new European rules, you can also use the allowance across Europe. 

I travel for months at a time and now only ever need the one sim card.

You can order yours here.